When You Get Into the Word, What’s Your Jumping Off Point?


For years, I have wanted to write a number of books related to the Christian life. I have wanted to write materials that could be used in adult Sunday School classes, something to help people recognize the Christian faith is a reasonable faith, another book to help new believers understand some of the basic teachings of the Bible and an exploration of baptism.

Up until now, I have been somewhat reluctant to move forward, wondering whether I had something to add to the discussion. But, there has been another issue: Where to jump in.

The age-old adage is to begin a story at the beginning. The opening of the book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, starts something like this in English translations: In the beginning, God created ….

Simon Sinek has advice for leaders and companies that want to be great: They should start with the “why,” not the “how” or the “what.” (Check out his book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.)

I know the “why;” it is to move people toward faith or a deeper faith.

I just don’t know the “where.” But, I am looking for it, and when I find it, I am jumping in. I have a feeling the “where” is going to be unconventional.

Is there something you have wanted to start, but have been delayed? Please share your thoughts by replying in the comments section.

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