This Discover Card Commercial Is Funny, But Is it Effective?

Discover has really hit a home run with its new ad for the Discover Card, but does the ad work?

I caught the commercial during the NCAA National Championship Game between Notre Dame and Alabama. Normally, I only watch programming that has been recorded on the DVR and skip all of the commercials. I was watching the game in real time, so I was stuck watching commercials.

I am not going to taint your opinion of the ad by describing it, rather take 30 seconds to watch the video above and see what your response is to it.

I think the ad is a good one for three reasons.

  • It has crisp, funny writing.
  • The actors deliver their lines well with good timing.
  • The cinematography is good.

I enjoyed the commercial so much, I actually cued up the ad to play it a second time so my wife could see it.

OK, so the ad is entertaining and funny, but is it effective? I guess the only thing Discover conveyed was a new way to pay your bill in case you are late.

I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey, and my wife and I have cut up our credit cards. I’m not in the market for a new credit card. The ad did not tempt me to submit an application to get one, but I still think the ad was effective.

Not every ad is designed to push a product. Companies use ads for a variety of reasons. Here are a couple:

  • Advocacy: The company might promote an issue, a cause or a non-profit organization (like support your local chapter of the American Red Cross). While it is not pushing a product, it is building goodwill.
  • Informational: This is where a company looks to explain a product and its benefits. While the ultimate goal is to lead to more sales, the primary purpose of the advertisement is educational, to get you prepared to buy.

My conclusion is the ad is effective because I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, and it made me feel good about Discover, despite the fact I am anti-credit card. Go figure. How did you respond to the ad?

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