Leadership Fundamentals with Dean Hammond, Session 1

Dean Hammond has a passion for leadership and teaching the fundamentals of leadership. This has been evident from his ministry at Parkview Christian Church and during his time teaching at Cincinnati Christian University.

Leadership with Dean Hammond

Dean Hammond teaching a leadership development course at Parkview Christian Church, Wooster, Ohio.

Hammond began teaching a new group at the church about leadership. He has done this several times with Parkview and other congregations. Not only does he teach leadership, but he practices what he preaches and teaches.

Hammond recently stepped down as Parkview’s lead minister, a role he has filled for the past decade, to make way for new leadership. However, lead minister Brian White and outreach minister Joe Rubino asked Hammond to stay on staff in order to continue to mentor them. The elders, the group who oversees the church’s operations, agreed the arrangement would be beneficial.

With Hammond settling into his new role as an associate minister, he will focus more on teaching, which is a passion of his. Part of that teaching is the leadership development course he is now leading. The first session was Jan. 12.

Here is Hammond’s definition of leadership:

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Here are some of the highlights from Session 1:

  1. The simplest and most inclusive definition of leadership is influence. (This was a quote from John Maxwell’s “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.”)
  2. Right now there is a lack of leadership, a vacuum.
  3. In order to reach the highest levels of leadership and influence, you have to make a personal connection.
  4. Among the most important traits of a leader are character and integrity.

Hammond summed up what he was trying to accomplish by telling the group:

What we are hoping to accomplish through this monthly discipline is to fully develop into men and women of integrity. Men and women who will become wholesome, genuine, effective and influential leaders.

Hammond will be leading the class the second Saturday of each month.

Update: Something I should have included is that Hammond said when he taught leadership at Cincinnati Christian University, he had used secular authors. What he discovered is that all of the leadership principles they were writing about and he was teaching ultimately came from the Bible.

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