Social Media Experts: Are They Anti-Social?

So-called “social media experts” sometimes seem to forget the idea of social.

Social Media Experts

Check out this tweet I sent earlier:

Brian Tracy teaches that leaders should praise in public and criticize in private. Following this advice, I am not going to name any of these self-coronated experts, but I think we have all run into them from time-to-time.

What I find intriguing is how they populate Twitter offering advice on how to grow followers on social media experts, however, they never seem to have the time to respond to any of my tweets or posts (on Facebook and Google+) to them.

When they are proclaiming how to be effective in the social network arena and then do not exhibit social skills, there emerges a disconnect between what they preach and what they practice.

This is why it was so refreshing to read this from Michael Hyatt:

Respond to those who comment. Engaging with your readers in the comments section of your blog is critically important. People today don’t visit a blog to listen to a monologue. They want to be part of a conversation. Therefore, you should engage in new comments on old posts, as if the post were brand new—it is for those readers. It’s a good way to set the tone and let them know what to expect in the future.

via How to Keep Your Blog Posts from Dying in Your Archives | Michael Hyatt.

If you are going to engage in social media, then you need to understand it is a two-way street when people are genuinely reaching out to you.

However, Doktor Spinn urges caution in the “social media expert” debate. He says:

And here’s the problem:

People mistake social media pundits and social media naturals for social media experts. And both of these two groups love the attention, so instead of bringing any clarity to the discussion, they tend to add more wood to the fire just for the sake of it.

In short: Social media experts can be blamed for a lot of things, for sure. But we can’t take the heat for everything anyone with an online following is doing — or saying. So, if you’re in the mood for throwing some stones, how about practicing some aim first?

via Disarming Stupid Arguments About Social Media Experts.

It is probably good advice from the good Doktor, and I should heed it, but it still bothers me when “social media experts” are not very social. What about you? What do you say?


  1. Bobby Warren says:

    Julie, another thing I probably should have put in a post is how Chris Brogan answers his emails. I know this for a fact. Indeed, this is “social.”

  2. Bobby Warren says:

    Julie, thanks for the comment. I am glad I read the Docktor Spinn piece because I was not having a good reaction to the whole concept of the “social media expert.” I like how he refers to “social media naturals,” people who are good at connecting with others. In a similar vein, I guess there are great football coaches who were not good football players, but they understand the fundamentals. Maybe that’s how I need to view this thing. And, it is always a good reminder to keep the face-to-face relationships alive!

  3. This is a great post, Bobby. While I enjoy reading some of these articles and how-to’s, the one-sided post feels more like a drive-by knuckle-cracking than an opportunity to build a dialogue. Another reason to keep the face-to-face relationships alive in a not-so-social media driven world!

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