Want to be Successful? It’s Simple, Follow These 16,107 Steps

Regular visitors to The Z Section know of my skepticism about lists, which is why I found Mike Michalowicz’s comments in “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” so funny.

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Mike wrote about how he had been struck by the number of business books that encourage its readers to take 28 steps, follow these 100 rules, etc. He set out one day to find out how many steps people would need to take to be successful in business, and he said he stopped counting at 16,107.

Actually, Mike does not really recommend you take, or follow, the 16,107 steps. Sorry, I just tried to hook you into reading this blog.

It is my belief when we stop looking for that one best way and actually try to do something, then we will eventually be successful. Mike’s advice is to quit talking and take action.

When it comes to action there is only one lesson. Start now. There really isn’t much else to say. Start now! Start now! Start now!

— Mike Michalowicz

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Today is a good day to start something. What action will you take today to move closer to your goal?

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