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No doubt about it, interesting and engaging photos can enhance your blog. But where can you get quality photographs on a limited budget? Glad you asked.

IMAG0426 - Ivan,Paint,Black

You can get them from your smartphone and use a variety of photo apps, some free, some for a nominal fee.

For more than a year, I have nearly switched exclusively to taking my photos with my HTC ThunderBolt. The image quality of the pictures vary depending upon the available light, but when there is sufficient light, the quality is amazing.

Most of the photos that appear in The Z Section are photos I have taken and processed. It saves me a lot of money, and I do not take time out to shoot photos. I stop and pause when something captures my eye while I am out doing something else.

Start experimenting with all kinds of photos: Trees, barns, busy streets, lonely roads, storefronts, animals, everyday objects at weird angles. Start snapping photos and processing them with the app of your choice, but today I want to recommend one that has served me well, and it is free! Did I mention it is free?

The photo above was taken with my HTC ThunderBolt and then processed using Pixlr o matic. Here is another photo taken on my HTC and processed with Pixlr o matic:

camera - Karen,Local,Peri

I came across this the other day, and I totally agree with it:

While a great image can’t save poor content, a bad image can discredit great content.

The quote came from a guest post by Lior Levin on Problogger about seven mistakes rookie bloggers make (you can read the full post here.)

Five steps to great photos with Pixlr o matic
  1. Either take the photo with the camera or pick one from the gallery.
  2. Apply a color overlay. The choices are amazing.
  3. Apply a lighting effect.
  4. Choose a frame (or no frame at all).
  5. Save or share the finished product.

If you have not yet already, let me encourage you to download and install Pixlr-o-matic, a free app available from the Google Play store. (Update: The app is available from iTunes, also. See here.) There are other great photo apps available, and I will be sharing some of them with you in the future.

OK, I’ll leave you with one more Pixlr o matic photo:

Wendi with an Eye


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