Once Upon a Time: The Story Behind the Story

Today’s blog entry is a guest post by my wife, Wendi Warren. A few years ago, she wrote, “Once Upon a Time: A Fairy Tale,” a story about a princess saved by the king with a Christian message. After being tucked away since Christmas 2008, it is in the process of being illustrated and will be available for Kindle readers in the near future.

Once upon a time … those words have always sent my mind racing to the end knowing that no matter what there would be a “Happily Ever After.”


The first illustration from Wendi Warren’s “Once Upon a Time: A Fairy Tale,” to be published soon.

I guess I was like most little girls, I dreamt of a happily ever after, because the fairy tales told me that was the way life was meant to be. Picturing myself as the princess made me feel like I was special, precious and loved.

Then I grew up. It wasn’t that my life was terrible, because it wasn’t. It was just the whole happily ever after seemed so elusive. When is “ever after”? I began wondering if that was even possible, because life can be…messy and I certainly was no princess! Was I being childish to think it was possible? The storybooks never gave the specifics, so it was up to me to fill in the blanks.

Let me say right here, that I am blessed far more than I could ever imagine. I have been given the incredible gift of being Bobby Warren’s wife, so happily is how I am going through life. But really the idea of happily ever after has been somewhat of an unattainable reality. Until I realized that I will have a happily ever after, along with anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior. He has promised a happily ever after for us all … for eternity.

So with that truth in mind, I decided to write a fairy tale that would bring these truths out in a different way. Maybe a little girl, or a little girl at heart, would see that she is indeed a princess in the eyes of the King of Kings–one who is special, precious and loved — and that a happily ever after is an attainable reality.

I’m now at the cusp of a new adventure. My princess heart is beating wildly. I’m unsure of myself. Not confident that my story will touch anyone’s heart. Concerned that I won’t be able to face criticism for being too pollyannish. Fearful that my book will sit in the recesses of Amazon and just gather dust.

But like any princess, when faced with an adventure, I am stepping out. Or in this case, maybe I’m being pushed out, by my prince charming.

Whether or not a happy ending comes from sales of my fairy tale or not, I know that eventually eternity will be upon us all, and I’ll be ready for my happily ever after.

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