How a Squirrel Restored Man’s Faith in Humanity

Life has been extremely hectic and busy due to an upcoming special section that is to be published at the newspaper where I am a reporter. My hair needed to get cut, but when would I find the time?

This is not the squirrel

However, when I drove by Helms’ Old Fashioned Barber Shop in Wooster, Ohio, and saw no cars parked on the street. This had to mean there were no guys in the seats waiting to get their hair cut by Ryan Helms.

I get in, and I get right in the seat. Ryan asks me what’s new since he last saw me before Christmas, to which I replied, “Do you really want to know?” I wanted to make sure because a lot had been going on. Indeed, he did.

Well, this is what has been going on in my life:

  • My wife threw me a surprise party and took me to Boston in December.
  • This led to us finding an old, blind, deaf dog named Bungee, who taught me some lessons about faith and God. (To read about it, click here.)
  • Money from my birthday and finding the dog led, in part, to me buying a Kindle Fire HD and starting this blog. (Click here¬†and here to learn more.)
  • Starting this blog has prompted me to start writing books, thanks to reading five books on my Kindle (click here), especially this one.

After talking with Ryan and telling him how life is good, he asked me if I had time to hear a story. Indeed, I did.

One Saturday morning, Ryan was in the barber shop with some guys and he looked out the window to see a squirrel dangling from a wire across the street. Ryan said something needed to be done to free the squirrel from its predicament, and the fellows agreed.

They left the shop and walked across the street and pondered how to get the squirrel free. One of the guys had a big pick-up truck, so he moved it under the wires. The group jumped into the back of the truck, but they were unable to reach the squirrel. (Incidentally, there was another squirrel that had tried to help get the other loose, but he had no luck, either.)

Ryan decided to call the local fire department to bring a ladder truck. He was informed the fire department does not bring out the truck to save squirrels. The guys did not give up on their mission.

Pretty soon, someone from a roofing company drove up in a truck, and Ryan noticed there were ladders on the truck. He asked the roofer if he could use on the ladders. They roofer was a bit reluctant, but relented, and Ryan and the rest moved into action.

The ladder was put in the back of the pick-up truck, and it sounded as if Ryan said the ladder was placed on the wire. He started to make his way up, but it was real wobbly. One of the guys said he had worked on ladders for years, and he would go up and get the squirrel, and he did.

The guys were happy that they freed the squirrel. However, the squirrel was still having a rough time. They had placed it on the ground, and throughout the day, Ryan kept an eye on the squirrel.

For the most part, the squirrel stayed in the same spot, but the time Ryan left for the day, the squirrel was gone.

Some time later, one of the guys who had been part of the rescue crew stopped back in to Helms’ Old Fashioned Barber Shop. He shared with Ryan how over the past couple of years he reached the point where he had thought there was no longer any kindness in the world.

But, on one Saturday in Wooster, Ohio, when four grown men grouped together to save a squirrel, he realized there was still kindness in this world. It restored his faith in humanity.



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