‘Bungee’ Jumping to 3.0 Soon

The story of Wendi and I finding an old, blind, deaf dog continues to spread and grow, mainly thanks to the dog’s parents.


The basic story in a nutshell is this: Wendi and I were on our way home from Boston to Ohio, our flight was delayed, when we got back to Ohio, it was raining and snowing so it took us longer to get home and as a result, we found this dog wandering in the middle of the road on a cold, dark, wet winter night.

The dog ended up being reunited with its owners, Pam and Dave. After clearing some hurdles with the local humane society (the hurdles were policies and procedures in place to protect people’s privacy, not a bad thing), Pam and I eventually made contact.

My wife, Wendi, and I finally had a chance to meet Pam and Dave at the annual Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce annual dinner, and we talked and talked and talked. It was amazing to hear how this little dog, Bungee, and his story was making it all around the United States and even overseas.

Once, Wendi and I were at the First Amendment Public House, a restaurant in Wooster, and Kyle Durniat was telling us about the story, she had no idea it involved us. Another lady I go to church with said she was recently with Pam and Dave, and she did not realize I found their dog.

We recently went to visit Pam and Dave, and Bungee, in their home, along with our friend, Angie, who was ready to provide Bungee a place to live had the owners not been found. It was nice to see them and Bungee again and hear more stories about this incredible dog.

I decided to write a devotional thought about finding Bungee for our Sunday School class Christmas dinner. Everyone loved the story and encouraged me to publish it. The story was about all of the things that had to happen in order for us to find Bungee and then what Bungee taught me about God. (You can read all about it when you click here.)

I ended up publishing it via Amazon’s Kindle store, and The Gospel According to Bungy is for sale there now. (Don’t have a Kindle device? No worries. See how you can still read Kindle books here.)

The original version of “The Gospel According to Bungy” (yes, I misspelled his name) showed the story from my perspective. After the opportunity to talk with Pam and Dave there is more of the story to tell, and it will be soon.

The version offered for sale right now is the second version. I made a slight update to the original. The 3.0 version will be a major update, and everyone who purchased the book already will be able to update the story to the latest version, at no extra cost, after it is finished.

Bungee 3.0 is coming with a more complete story, a better cover and even more warmth and love. Stay tuned.

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