Fast from Politics Still Going Strong After More Than 3 Months

After the November elections, I simply gave up watching politics on television, and for me, that was huge.

Congressman Jim Renacci

Congressman Jim Renacci looks at weapons seized in Wayne County, Ohio, in this file photo by Bobby Warren.

I was totally engulfed in politics. I so loved the strategy and the speculation. I followed all of the polls and read and retweeted just about everything coming down the pike. I read and shared stuff from anyone from HuffPost to Fox News, from Rush Limbaugh to Lawrence O’Donnell.

I was hungry for all things politics, and because of my background in journalism, I wanted to share stuff from all across the political spectrum, whether progressive, liberal, Democratic, Liberterian, Republican or conservative.

But, by the time of the election, I had just grown weary of politics. I invested so much time in politics, and for what? Nobody ever institutes the policies I want.

So, what have I learned from abstaining from (mostly federal) politics?

  1. I get a lot more done. I have been helping my wife with her two books (one a work of fiction, which you can read more about when you click here, and the other titled “Joy in Budgeting,” which you can learn more by visiting when you click here). There just always seems time to get things done.
  2. I have longer and better conversations with my wife. However, you will have to confirm with her if this has been her experience. We seem to talk about more stuff (especially her books, which she was deeply immersed in).
  3. I am exposed to different things. I read a lot more. This is the latest book I am reading: How To Deliver A TED Talk: Secrets Of The World’s Most Inspiring Presentations  (an affiliate link). I have read books on starting businesses, building a platform, writing articles for Kindle and how to analyze Kindle numbers and more.
  4. I am having more fun. It is nice not being so wrapped up with every nuance of the political discussion. It is freeing.

While I am not watching political shows on TV or listening to political talk radio, I have not divorced myself from politics. I am a journalist, after all. I will be spending some time with Congressman Jim Renacci on Friday, and I just spent time with Ohio state representatives Ron Amstutz and Dave Hall and state senators Larry Obhof and Frank LaRose. I was with Wooster Mayor Bob Breneman today, along with Wooster Councilman Jon Ansel and Wayne County Engineer Roger Terrill.

So, I am still in the thick of politics, but face-to-face, not face to screen.


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